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Live from Suburbia! #1 in a series

This just in: MTV is lame

Hai bbs! Just a quick post to let y'all know that I just got a call from my Dad who is currently on set of the ~*exciting*~ new MTV show/special/waste of time, Celebrity Rap Superstar. I don't know if anyone is up on this show, but for those who aren't (or those who have a life) here's a list of the superstars currently in the proximity of my Dad:

-Ms. KFed's Baby Mama herself, Shar Jackson!
-Countess Vaughn
-Jason Wahler
-Efren Ramirez
-Sebastian Bach
-Kendra Wilkinson
-MC Lyte
-Bubba Sparxxx
-Tone Loc
...and some other folks too.

Let it be known that I asked my Dad to either throw something at Perez or call him a tool/douche. I hope he does. So far, Perez has acted like a total tool and is completely out of his element (as if he has one). Sebastian Bach can actually rap (well, more or less) and Shar and the KFed spawn are doing well.

Source: my Dad and my phone


Hey all! I'm gonna be doing the Friends Only thing for this lovely little journal, but since you're all friends already, you don't need to worry about anything :)

Dress to Circle

Since my day has been really boring, I'll just stick in silly bits from my new Circle DVD (Circle was Eddie Izzard's 2000 show in New York). The DVD also has Dress to Circle, which is essentially Dress to Kill performed in French...in France...with 'Circle' hanging behind Eddie on the stage. So, as I promised, the silly bits!

Pope Pius V...IN 3D!!
Pope-Man and Alter Boy (with Holy Water and Jesus Disks!)
Je dois partir maintenant parce que ma grandmere est flambe.
(Baseball organ music)
Je suis une travestie executif!
-I am Vader. Darth Vader. Lord Vader. I do not need a tray to kill you! I can kill you with a single thought!
-The food's hot! You'll need a tray to carry it!
-Oh, sorry. I'll have the pasta alla arribiata.
Dad, are you going to do that James Mason impression again?
Blasphe-meeeeee, blasphyouuuuuuu, blas-foorrrr everyone in the roooomm :D

Keep me away from Borders!!!

No, seriously! I will end up spending all my money there. Today's purchases are:

1. Matrix Reloaded
2. Eddie Izzard-Circle
3. Damien Rice-O (very good chill/romantic music)
4. BTVS-Radio Sunnydale
5. UK Cosmo
6. Buffy Mag (yes, I'm a dork)

Mark just stopped in, so that was pretty cool. He hadn't seen my room yet and was wandering about the 3rd floor, so he popped in. Other than that, nothing truly spectacular happened today. I wasn't feeling good after Theology so I vegged in my room and watched The Cat's Meow before taking a nap. Around 5 Audrey and Malissa came and we headed out in search of Tower records to get some music. Well, we never did find it so we headed over to The Bridge and discovered that there's a Borders there!! Shopping insued (as you might have noticed) and we returned for food and an attempted start at homework ;D
And now I'm off to do more Latin! Huzzah!

[Edit: I finished Blood Canticle (the new Anne Rice book) last night. I won't pull a full-on book review, but I think it's worthy of a 'pretty damn decent' in the grading dept. :) I bought Blackwood Farm (the previous book) a few days ago so I'll probably start it soon and finally figure out who the fuck half the characters in the book were! :P]

It tastes of Monday!

Hmm...essays suck. But you all knew that already didn't you? :P Today was pretty damn uneventful. The only cool thing was the weather. It's hot again! woo! Only downside of that is that it means us residents of the 3rd floor get to bake in our rooms. I didn't have to work today, so that left me with some free time to meet with my Latin teacher for her little Midterm check-up type meetings. My grade is going up as I speak, which is good news and hopefully I can finish the semester off with an A. I'm excited about the 4 day weekend I have coming up :) My only problem: What to do!! Anybody got plans/ideas?

Darlin' won't you ease my worried mind?

Ok, I have officially let off the biggest sigh of relief ever. I guess I should start with my evening yesterday, seeing as the last thing I posted was some brief blather about how bored I was. Around 9ish, Gisella and I piled in Frank's Durango with Pierre, Kyler and Tyler. Frank wanted to get some alcohol before we ate so we drove for a short bit trying to find a seedy store that would sell us something.

Cut to 30 minutes later:

Nada. Nothing. Frank failed at the liquor-buying and after a very confusing conversation/poll I discovered that I was the only one who would be eating at Chin Chin. Soo...we decided on In n Out and continued the quest to find some alcohol.

Cut to something like 45 minutes later:

Still nothing! Our very dejected and bored car returned to LMU. Frank was desperate to find anyone who knew if there was anything going on (there wasn't). Much aimless wandering ensued with much whining from Frank. Blah blah bitty blah eventually I got a call from Chris (halleluiah!!) and, long story short, I drove over to Silver Lake and we chilled for a bit. I'm working on getting over my fear of abnormally small dogs...it's just one of those irrational fears ;D. I got back a little after 5am to find Gisella still up because apparently our smoke detector was malfunctioning and went off around 4:45am. Public Safety came and took it out, so now we're gonna die if there's a fire :P
My only thing today was a trip to Target with Malissa, Gisella and Ana. I splurged and got seasons 3 and 4 of Buffy (woo!) and some much-needed food. Now I'm off to find some food. Byeeee :D
Oh...my...god. I think a new level of boredom has been reached today. NO ONE is here and there's a whole lot of NOTHING going on. Oh well...I'm gonna try to get a few people together to go to Chin Chin in a bit. Mmm...food @^ ^@ <==look everyone! it's Princess Leia! *applause*

Dude...Where'd my day go?

Hahaha...I've been up for a total of 10 minutes and I'm already checking my LJ. Yes, that's right: I just woke up. Last night I ended up not seeing Pirates of the Caribbean because the bastard people in RHA couldn't get it. Instead they showed The Italian Job but started it half an hour earlier than they had advertised. Bastards! Soo...I ended up wandering around with Gisella and her cute friend Justin for a while. Around 12ish, I caught up with Frank and his friends, who were all equally bored and depressed because NOTHING was going on. We chatted for a bit before I suggested heading over to Richard's apt. in Hannon to see what excitement was going on there. We joined Richard and Kat, who were watching Two Towers and during the movie, came to the conclusion that Sam and Frodo are gay lovers, Aragorn needs to shave, Gimli has an eating disorder (I have no idea how that one came about), Richard was convinced that Liv Tyler had Downs Syndrome (I defended her) and Legolas was just plain badass. Yeah...we were kinda bored. After the movie, Richard, Frank, Tyler and I played one very exciting Halo tournament. Richard and I kicked obscene amounts of ass as a team (Woo!) and I think I've actually become a halfway decent player :D I got back to my room a little after 4am and Gisella came back shortly thereafter with her friend Ana in tow. Poor Ana got sexiled, so she spent the night here.
So yeah...that brings me up to now. I think Gisella and I are going to go shopping in a short bit, and after that...who knows!