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Dude...Where'd my day go?

Hahaha...I've been up for a total of 10 minutes and I'm already checking my LJ. Yes, that's right: I just woke up. Last night I ended up not seeing Pirates of the Caribbean because the bastard people in RHA couldn't get it. Instead they showed The Italian Job but started it half an hour earlier than they had advertised. Bastards! Soo...I ended up wandering around with Gisella and her cute friend Justin for a while. Around 12ish, I caught up with Frank and his friends, who were all equally bored and depressed because NOTHING was going on. We chatted for a bit before I suggested heading over to Richard's apt. in Hannon to see what excitement was going on there. We joined Richard and Kat, who were watching Two Towers and during the movie, came to the conclusion that Sam and Frodo are gay lovers, Aragorn needs to shave, Gimli has an eating disorder (I have no idea how that one came about), Richard was convinced that Liv Tyler had Downs Syndrome (I defended her) and Legolas was just plain badass. Yeah...we were kinda bored. After the movie, Richard, Frank, Tyler and I played one very exciting Halo tournament. Richard and I kicked obscene amounts of ass as a team (Woo!) and I think I've actually become a halfway decent player :D I got back to my room a little after 4am and Gisella came back shortly thereafter with her friend Ana in tow. Poor Ana got sexiled, so she spent the night here.
So yeah...that brings me up to now. I think Gisella and I are going to go shopping in a short bit, and after that...who knows!