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Darlin' won't you ease my worried mind?

Ok, I have officially let off the biggest sigh of relief ever. I guess I should start with my evening yesterday, seeing as the last thing I posted was some brief blather about how bored I was. Around 9ish, Gisella and I piled in Frank's Durango with Pierre, Kyler and Tyler. Frank wanted to get some alcohol before we ate so we drove for a short bit trying to find a seedy store that would sell us something.

Cut to 30 minutes later:

Nada. Nothing. Frank failed at the liquor-buying and after a very confusing conversation/poll I discovered that I was the only one who would be eating at Chin Chin. Soo...we decided on In n Out and continued the quest to find some alcohol.

Cut to something like 45 minutes later:

Still nothing! Our very dejected and bored car returned to LMU. Frank was desperate to find anyone who knew if there was anything going on (there wasn't). Much aimless wandering ensued with much whining from Frank. Blah blah bitty blah eventually I got a call from Chris (halleluiah!!) and, long story short, I drove over to Silver Lake and we chilled for a bit. I'm working on getting over my fear of abnormally small dogs...it's just one of those irrational fears ;D. I got back a little after 5am to find Gisella still up because apparently our smoke detector was malfunctioning and went off around 4:45am. Public Safety came and took it out, so now we're gonna die if there's a fire :P
My only thing today was a trip to Target with Malissa, Gisella and Ana. I splurged and got seasons 3 and 4 of Buffy (woo!) and some much-needed food. Now I'm off to find some food. Byeeee :D