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Keep me away from Borders!!!

No, seriously! I will end up spending all my money there. Today's purchases are:

1. Matrix Reloaded
2. Eddie Izzard-Circle
3. Damien Rice-O (very good chill/romantic music)
4. BTVS-Radio Sunnydale
5. UK Cosmo
6. Buffy Mag (yes, I'm a dork)

Mark just stopped in, so that was pretty cool. He hadn't seen my room yet and was wandering about the 3rd floor, so he popped in. Other than that, nothing truly spectacular happened today. I wasn't feeling good after Theology so I vegged in my room and watched The Cat's Meow before taking a nap. Around 5 Audrey and Malissa came and we headed out in search of Tower records to get some music. Well, we never did find it so we headed over to The Bridge and discovered that there's a Borders there!! Shopping insued (as you might have noticed) and we returned for food and an attempted start at homework ;D
And now I'm off to do more Latin! Huzzah!

[Edit: I finished Blood Canticle (the new Anne Rice book) last night. I won't pull a full-on book review, but I think it's worthy of a 'pretty damn decent' in the grading dept. :) I bought Blackwood Farm (the previous book) a few days ago so I'll probably start it soon and finally figure out who the fuck half the characters in the book were! :P]


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Oct. 15th, 2003 07:08 am (UTC)
GoD! Your lj icon is SO FREAKING HOT!!!

my obsession with Monica isnt spiralling out of control. I swear!
Oct. 15th, 2003 08:45 am (UTC)
*curtsies* ;D
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