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My Day is a Joke

Well, I ended up staying up until almost 4 last night/this morning studying for my Art of the Cinema midterm and almost didn't make it to English. During English, several of us realized that since there was no quiz in Theology, there would probably be a boring talk about nothing in particular, therefore making attendance unnecessary. I think about 4 of us didn't go, and I met up with Audrey, Malissa and Gisella in the mail room. We got some food and headed back to our rooms to sleep. I woke up around 1 and proceeded to clean my room in preparation for people coming over for the little PBR thingy. Long story short, I watched an Angel rerun(Hero...the one where Doyle dies :*( ) and no one showed except for Dan (you rock for coming!!) and Robert (who was there to do the presenting). We had to do the whole thing in like, 20 minutes because I had my Art of the Cinema class. Turns out the actual midterm was 25 of the easiest multiple choice questions ever written. After the test we watched The Shop Around the Corner starring Jimmy Stewart and Maureen someone-or-other. This movie was later remade into a little flick called You've Got Mail. You can guess the plot from there. Homework happened (Latin is evil!!) and I got bored and downloaded a new ringtone (Taake oon mee!) I guess the only other exciting thing today was realizing that it was almost Friday, which means payday, shopping, and Pirates of the Caribbean (in that order).

Lunch of Champions

Water crackers, Brie cheese and a vanilla Frappuccino (I finally got the spelling right!! Altho the fact that the bottle is sitting right next to me kinda helped with that)


So yeah...I'm dealing. I'm not good, I'm not bad, I just am. English and Theology were actually fun today, which made me happy and helped with the whole waking up process. After that, I went to Sav-On and Trader Joe's to get some stuff. I think I'll be taking up residence at Trader Joe's :) I got some healthy (and cheap!!) food to alternate with the "food" here. Audrey and I snacked on the brie and crackers I got (which has been dubbed 'Smart Snack') while Housing fiddled around with the bed heights in her room. After that, the 2 of us re-arranged the furniture in her room and that pretty much has been my day. I found out that Pirates of the Caribbean is going to be showing here on the 10th, so I have something to look forward to this week! yay!
Queer Eye's on now...Carson says to not to match your denims :D

Oct. 6th, 2003

Back for the moment...I've come to the realization that I probably won't get anything productive (academically speaking) tonight. My mind is elsewhere...

When the going gets sad/depressing, the depressed channel their sadness/depression into artistic creativity. (please see the new icon)


Excuse me while the edges of my world slowly begin to erode. Be back in a bit. I'll be watching Buffy until then.

Ta Da!

A short list will follow

My accomplishments for the weekend (in list form...because we like lists :D )

1. I re-attached the bumper of my car (yay me!)
2. I got a free drink at Higley's for being a female gamer (I'll be posting more on my new shirt design inspired by this)
3. I actually WASHED my car
4. I made it over to Nicole's apt. in a new record time (6 minutes I think...)
5. Just go here
6. I watched Dr. Strangelove
7. I successfully defeated my cold :D...or I could be too drugged up on various Quils to really know the difference :)~

Hmm...I think that's about it. Well kiddies, I'm back at LMU. There's not much going on, so I think I'll try to re-arrange some of the furniture in my dorm. I need more space!!


Ha! Some god in some religion somewhere must be happy because when I went to the orthodontist this morning, they couldn't find my box with the quad-helix-expander thing! This meant that all I got was new bands and that was it!! WOO!!! So I bolted out of there and headed over to the Convention Center for the ACN regional eventy thing (which was pretty interesting actually) and now I'm back...at mi casa...preparing to do some car maintenance.

Some exciting news: My mom got an advance copy of the new Anne Rice book (it comes out at the end of the month) which came in blessed paperback (puh-RAISE jesus!) Mmm...whiny/blathering vampires. Tastes of excess and foofy coats.

LC-what what?

Mmm...home. This is the second weekend in a row where I've walked into my home to be greeted by fresh-baked cookies. Am I complaining? Nope :D My Latin midterm was truly satanic, but it's over now, so all is somewhat better. Tonight I'm off to go hang with Dan and co. at Denny's. Tomorrow it's off to the orthodontist at 8:15(yes, AM) and then off to the Convention Center for an ACN event. After that? Who knows. Perhaps some dorm supply shopping...or sleep. Either or.

My big accomplishment for the day: I got some Eddie sound bytes so now whenever anyone IMs me, it says, "Ciao!" and when I send someone an IM it says, "Jam!"
Good times :)