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This just in: MTV is lame

Hai bbs! Just a quick post to let y'all know that I just got a call from my Dad who is currently on set of the ~*exciting*~ new MTV show/special/waste of time, Celebrity Rap Superstar. I don't know if anyone is up on this show, but for those who aren't (or those who have a life) here's a list of the superstars currently in the proximity of my Dad:

-Ms. KFed's Baby Mama herself, Shar Jackson!
-Countess Vaughn
-Jason Wahler
-Efren Ramirez
-Sebastian Bach
-Kendra Wilkinson
-MC Lyte
-Bubba Sparxxx
-Tone Loc
...and some other folks too.

Let it be known that I asked my Dad to either throw something at Perez or call him a tool/douche. I hope he does. So far, Perez has acted like a total tool and is completely out of his element (as if he has one). Sebastian Bach can actually rap (well, more or less) and Shar and the KFed spawn are doing well.

Source: my Dad and my phone