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Dress to Circle

Since my day has been really boring, I'll just stick in silly bits from my new Circle DVD (Circle was Eddie Izzard's 2000 show in New York). The DVD also has Dress to Circle, which is essentially Dress to Kill performed in French...in France...with 'Circle' hanging behind Eddie on the stage. So, as I promised, the silly bits!

Pope Pius V...IN 3D!!
Pope-Man and Alter Boy (with Holy Water and Jesus Disks!)
Je dois partir maintenant parce que ma grandmere est flambe.
(Baseball organ music)
Je suis une travestie executif!
-I am Vader. Darth Vader. Lord Vader. I do not need a tray to kill you! I can kill you with a single thought!
-The food's hot! You'll need a tray to carry it!
-Oh, sorry. I'll have the pasta alla arribiata.
Dad, are you going to do that James Mason impression again?
Blasphe-meeeeee, blasphyouuuuuuu, blas-foorrrr everyone in the roooomm :D